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Low-cost invoice scanner delivers 100% accurate results

Skanned is the modern way of scanning and validating receipts, vouchers and bills – quickly, accurately and economically. We can handle both PDF and image files, and return clean, validated data using the form and channel you choose.


Successful, knowledgeable providers

The Skanned team are veteran business people who understand your business needs and how to meet them. Preben Damgaard built Navision, which Microsoft acquired and re-branded as Microsoft Dynamics (their third-most-expensive acquisition to date, surpassed only by Skype and Nokia).

Toke Kruse founded Billy, the accounting software well known for its user-friendliness.

Lars Seier founded Denmark’s widely respected Saxo Bank. We know what it takes to build software, and how to ensure our integration partners succeed. [Note: It might be helpful to visitors if you linked to the companies (MS Dynamics, Saxo, Billy)

Meet the team

10 cents.
Prices start as low as 10 cents a scan.

The most economical way to scan with precision

We’ve driven voucher scanning costs down to the minimum, while maximizing quality and accuracy. With this minimize-maximize strategy, we aim to be the world’s #1 scanning solution.