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Get ahead with 100% accurate scans

Integrate with Skanned through our open REST API, and you’ll have full access to all our service options. We can handle any voucher, bill or invoice format, parsing the fields of your choice


Focus on serving your customers and let us do the rest. Connect with our open REST API as you wish, and choose either of our services: Simple scanning, or validating flow – easily streamlined to include only the data fields important to you.


Make Skanned a working component of your business

As experts in scanning and validating data, we’re the business buddies you need. Whether you’re a workflow software company, an accounting software provider or an app that gathers bills and receipts, you can focus on your own core business while we make your scans shine.

Flexible price model

We understand that each company we serve is unique, with its own needs. That’s why we’ve made our price model so flexible. You pay only for the services you actually need. You get a lean product, at the lowest possible cost. How you pay is also up to you: up front, if you prefer, or per-use.


The formats and data you need

We can scan any image format, PDF file, bill, voucher or invoice – then parse the information and deliver it in the format or formats you designate. (To get a bit more technical: Ordinarily we’ll send your data via our REST API, but we can also deliver it to your server, or in XML format. The choice is yours.)

The many advantages of Skanned

Partnering with Skanned carries many advantages for you and your business. You could solve your scanning and data needs by setting up your own OCR scanner and doing the job yourself. On the other hand, doing all that probably has very little to do with your core business, so investing all the time and resources required might not be your wisest choice. Let’s look at six significant advantages to partnering with Skanned.


Your software is always up to date

When you use Skanned, you never have to worry about your software becoming outdated. We continually maintain and update it. And there’s no big initial set-up for you to deal with, either.


Validation flow as a part of your solution

Skanned gives you the option of information validation as part of the scanning process. You won’t need a separate validation setup.


No format rules or restrictions

We can scan all format types, so there are no format rules or restriction on you or your customers or suppliers.


Data that’s right the first time

We can guarantee 100% accurate scans. That means you can sell the service at a significantly higher price than you could other, less precise scanning solutions.


No contracts or startup fees

We believe in providing such a high-value product that value alone makes our partnerships strong and lasting. That’s the kind of product we give you, so there’s no need for contracts or startup fees.

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Low cost, high quality

We’re confident that when you partner with Skanned, you’ll get the most precise scans available, at the lowest cost possible.

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