… are just some of the ERP-systems that we integrate with.

Benefits of Skanned you can’t afford to miss

There are countless benefits of using Skanned, but we’ve chosen four unique reasons to start digitalizing vouchers today.

Integration using what you already know

Your customers can submit vouchers via a unique email address directly to Skanned, via a free mobile app, or automatically transfer them from the accounting program you and your customers are already using.

Data retrieval from all voucher types

Scan all your customer’s vouchers automatically, and stop spending time on manual input. Skanned scans both PDFs and images, whether it’s vouchers to your finance or creditor ledgers, 100% accurately.

Minimize gaps in your bookkeeping

Equip all your customers with a free mobile app, so vouchers don’t go missing, and you can eliminate omissions and time-consuming work. You’ll save time and reduce human error.

Save time again and again

By using Skanned, your customers’ vouchers will arrive to you on time, and you’ll avoid the tedious task of typing these in manually. This way, your customers won’t get behind on submitting their vouchers.

Start today, avoid vouchers tomorrow

Soon Skanned will become the market standard for digitalization and scanning of vouchers.

We’ll help you get started

Getting started with new software does not have to be difficult. Take the first step and write to us and we will return to you based on your wishes.